TOM is an independent feature film produced by Finland based production company Special Film Company. The movie will be filmed in 2014 and released worldwide in 2015. We are making an unauthorized film about the life of Touko Laaksonen, also known as Tom of Finland, and Tom of Finland Foundation is not involved in the production on any level.

For us making this film as an independent production means freedom to make an uncompromising film that looks and feels as sexy as Tom’s art. Think about a crowded circus tent where the trapeze artists have sex in the air. This is the film we are working on! Fortunately we have already gained supporters from companies and individuals around the globe who share our ambition to make the best Finnish picture ever.

The production team consists of talented, bold and colourful professionals who have grouped together to change the way films are made and distributed in Finland. It has warmed all of our hearts to see thousands of people around the world commit themselves to the project, and we want to work closely with this community that has been built around the film. Together with you we’ll bring a masterpiece to the cinemas and ensure it’s the experience you’ve been wanting for.

Making a film true to its subject is our priority. Not only do we want to portray the amazing life of Touko, but also spread knowledge about the dark history of human right violations in Finland and let it be known no-one needs to be ashamed of who they are anymore.

We welcome you to join onboard making this movie and our dream come true. This film is the most important thing in our lives and we are more than happy we can make it together with all of you.