Our goal is simple: we want to make a great movie that is also true to Touko’s art and life. To reach this goal, we need to maintain artistic independence, and to ensure this, we need to get our resources from sources that have that very same goal in mind.

Why do we speak about resources and not just funding? Because it’s not just money that helps. We are doing an epoch movie set mostly in the 50s. Bringing a whole different decade to life is a huge and costly endeavour, but also one where a person supplying the production with clothing authentic to the era is as important as someone who finances it. Everybody can help. And we need all of you.

We have already found and joined forces with other amazing companies, both in the movie industry and beyond it, who are as committed as us in making this movie happen. We have also decided to rely on the awesome community surrounding our production in helping us along the way. After all, it is you guys we want to show our film to.

If you want take part in the production and think you can support us, or if you have a possible co-operation in mind, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always glad to find new friends.


Miikka Haleyi
+358 40 522 6795